Matterhorn Matters von George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band

Medium: CD
Dauer: 54 Min.
Produktion: 2010
Matterhorn Matters von George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band

Aufnahmen: 10.4.2010, KKL Luzern (Live-Mitschnitt)

1. Choro Loco (composed by Luciano Biondini), 8:25
Soloists: Dave Bargeron (tb); Luciano Biondini (accordion); Chris Hunter (fl); Lew Soloff (tp/piccolo tp)

2. Artist’s Arteriology (composed by George Gruntz), 2:58
Inspired by old Swiss “Song of Artist 1800”. Soloist: Jeff Stockham (frh)

3. „Matterhorn Matters“ (composed by George Gruntz), 15:00
Commissioned by Swiss Cultural Foundation PRO HELVETIA. Soloists: Howard Johnson, tuba; Arie Volinez, e-bass; Sal Giorgianni; ts, Mike Rodriguez, tp; Luciano Biondini, accordion

4. His Master’s Choice (composed by Franco Ambrosetti), 6:06
Written on occasion of GG’s 75th birthday – “GG: Master and Illuminator”. Soloists: Andy Scherrer, ts; René Mosele, tb; François Laizeau, d

5. My One and Only Love (composed by Guy Wood/Robert Mellin), 6:10
Soloists: Larry Schneider, ts; featuring: Dave Bargeron, Euphonium

6. Too High (composed by Stevie Wonder), 7:03
Soloists: Chris Hunter, as; Scott Robinson, ts; Mike Rodriguez, tp; François Laizeau, d

7. Scott and Howard (composed by George Gruntz), 8:10
Soloists: Scott Robinson, bs; Howard Johnson, tuba

All Arrangements. George Gruntz